Chloroquine ich treatment loaches

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    Chloroquine ich treatment loaches

    Because loaches have very tiny scales, they seem particularly susceptible to infection from Ich, although it can affect all aquarium fish. The first signs of an infection may be rapid breathing, redness around the gill area, or the appearance of tiny white spots on the skin of the fish that resembles white sugar.

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    Ich has three life stages, which are important to understand for proper diagnosis and treatment. When the parasite is visible to the naked eye, it is a nearly fully developed trophont which has burrowed under the fish’s mucus coating where it is protected from chemicals medication. Nov 20, 2012 I agree with SoltarianKnight, Kordon is a great brand of ICH treatment. Especially for loaches. Since you seem to have caught the ICH early I would just treat the tank with heat for now. I only revert to meds if it gets bad. Toss in one of those leaves I sent you. It'll help. Salt as the sole medicine *may* work, especially if you start the treatment very early when you got the loaches, not when you saw ich. If you still see symptomes now, I'd assume it is not working, and it is the med time.

    Loach keepers call this behaviour "flashing." It is possible to conquer Ich in the aquarium, and the following guidelines are culled from experienced keepers of loaches. Infected loaches may make sudden repeated rubbing motions against rocks or gravel in the tank.

    Chloroquine ich treatment loaches

    Aquarium Fish Chloroquine A "New" Drug for Treating Fish., Whats the safest way to treat ICh in a Dojo Loach tank Help.

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  4. Aug 21, 2015 Chloroquine Phosphate is a medication that is friendly in most environments and kills ich in all stages. It is also less intrusive to the fishes system. The current treatment of formalin green and other esters also do great jobs at fighting the disease. The use of them correctly is just as important.

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    Help with kuhli loaches - ich treatment, possible SBD caused by medication? Pardon the long post, I want to provide thorough information. I have a 20L tank, with live plants mondo, anubias, some other pet store standards, two pieces of driftwood about a forearm long each, black sand substrate sterile, no beneficial additives. I have 6 clown loaches and the largest and my personal favourite of the bunch has 3 spots on his tail wife decided to aim the Air Conditioner at my prize tank and I'm so super thrilled I need advice on a safe Ich med for clown loaches.far my only choices seem to be Quickcure and the junk. Chloroquine remains active in aquariums for many weeks, seems to have low toxicity to fish and may be removed using activated carbon. In critical applications, treatment levels can be measured with a UV spectrophotometer, and the dose adjusted accordingly. References. Hemdal, J. F. Odum, R. A. 2011.

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