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Clonidine suppression test

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    Clonidine suppression test

    This test is performed to evaluate for pheochromocytoma when plasma norepinephrine (NE) is 1000–2000 pg/ml and/or plasma normetanephrine (NM) elevation that is less than four times the upper limit of the normal reference range. The test is performed to distinguish patients with pheochromocytoma from those with elevated plasma norepinephrine and normetanephrine levels from other etiologies. xenical orlistat Endocrinology Handbook Endocrine Unit Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St. In normal patients, should suppress plasma catecholamines to ≤50% baseline and to ≤2.96 nmol/l (500 pg/l). Mary’s Hospitals Updated: March 2010 To exclude the diagnosis of phaeochromocytoma in patients with hypertension and borderline changes in plasma catecholamines or urinary catecholamine metabolites. Phaeochromocytoma patients should not suppress (positive result). et al., New Engl J Med 1981; 305: 623-626 Grossman E. Frail patient with a history of hypotensive episodes or severe coronary or carotid disease. Order the clonidine from pharmacy (readily obtainable). This test is 97% sensitive for phaeochromocytoma, but only 67% specific, meaning that it is a reasonable rule-out test for phaeos but not diagnostic. et al., Hypertension 1991; 3-741 SGG 1/90; revised TT 5/08. Stop hypotensive treatment for at least 24 hours before the test if possible. Clonidine acts via the alpha pre-ganglionic receptors to reduce catecholamine secretion. Contact biochemistry laboratory before doing the test, enquire how they would like the samples taken and arrange for their delivery.

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    The clonidine suppression test is particularly useful in patients with increased plasma norepinephrine, in whom it is unclear whether the increase is due to sympathetic activation or catecholamine release from a tumor. Clonidine is administered in a dose of 0.3 mg/70 kg of body weight orally. amoxicillin oral suspension for babies Information about Clonidine suppression test with patient infomation and protocols. The clonidine suppression test for pheochromocytoma has a positive predictive value of 67% to 93% and a negative predictive value of 94% to 100% from published reports. Clonidine is generally safe when adequate precautions are taken to avoid hypotension.

    Measurements of plasma normetanephrine and metanephrine provide a highly sensitive test for diagnosis of pheochromocytoma, but false-positive results remain a problem. We therefore assessed medication-associated false-positive results and use of supplementary tests, including plasma normetanephrine responses to clonidine, to distinguish true- from false-positive results. The study included 208 patients with pheochromocytoma and 648 patients in whom pheochromocytoma was excluded. Clonidine-suppression tests were carried out in 48 patients with and 49 patients without the tumor. Tricyclic antidepressants and phenoxybenzamine accounted for 41% of false-positive elevations of plasma normetanephrine and 44–45% those of plasma and urinary norepinephrine. High plasma normetanephrine to norepinephrine or metanephrine to epinephrine ratios were strongly predictive of pheochromocytoma. Lack of decrease and elevated plasma levels of norepinephrine or normetanephrine after clonidine also confirmed pheochromocytoma with high specificity. In a prospective study designed to differentiate pheochromocytoma from other forms of hypertension, urinary catecholamines were measured after sleep and clonidine administration in 12 patients with pheochromocytoma, 19 hypertensive patients in whom pheochromocytoma was suspected but later excluded, and 31 hypertensive patients in whom pheochromocytoma was never suspected. The test correctly identified all 12 patients in whom pheochromocytoma was present. Four of these had equivocal plasma levels of both norepinephrine and epinephrine, suggesting that overnight clonidine suppression may be of particular value when tumor secretion is intermittent or low. When pheochromocytoma was not present, urinary norepinephrine and epinephrine levels were suppressed below 60 and 20 nmol/mmol creatinine, respectively, after sleep and clonidine, the two in combination giving better suppression than sleep alone. Since urinary catecholamines can be determined relatively easily by high-pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, this test may be more widely applicable than suppression tests based on plasma measurements.

    Clonidine suppression test

    Clonodine Suppression Test for Phaeochromocytoma / Blood., Clonidine suppression test - endocrinology diagnosis, treatment and.

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  3. Medical Intelligence from The New England Journal of Medicine — Clonidine-Suppression Test — A Useful Aid in the Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma

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    Clonidine can be used in the treatment of Tourette syndrome specifically for tics. Clonidine suppression test. The reduction in circulating norepinephrine by clonidine was used in the past as an investigatory test for phaeochromocytoma, which is a catecholamine-synthesizing tumour, usually found in the adrenal medulla. doxycycline indications Fludrocortisone Suppression Test for Hyperaldoster Frusemide Test for Hyperaldosteronism Saline Infusion Test for Hyperaldosteronism Pituitary protocols 1 mg Dexamethasone Overnight Suppression Test IV dexamethasone suppression test in obesity Clonidine GH stimulation test Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone CRH Test Glucagon Test for. Edit Clonidine suppression test Clonidine's effect on reducing circulating epinephrine by a central mechanism was used in the past as an investigatory test for pheochromocytomae, which are catecholamine-synthesizing tumors, usually of the adrenal medulla. In a Clonidine suppression test plasma catecholamines levels are measured before and 3.

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    Clonidine is a centrally acting alpha-2 adrenergic agonist that was first investigated for the treatment of hot flashes in the 1970s.66–68 Clonidine raises hot flash threshold by reducing norepinephrine release.69From: is moderately effective in women with a history of breast cancer who are taking tamoxifen, but does not appear to be very effective in the treatment of hot flashes in men. The side effect profile needs to be considered before is particularly effective for treating labile hypertensive patients who need multiple medications, those who cannot take oral medications, and those with prominent early morning BP surges. Transdermal during the 12 hours before surgery, in order to reduce anxiety. During induction of anesthesia with oxygen, sevoflurane and nitrous oxide the child developed severe bradycardia and hypotension and was successfully resuscitated. performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on 34 children (7–13 years) with TS and ADHD of normal intellect. Each subject received in a randomly assigned fashion, 1-week medication cycles with either did not significantly reduce outcome measures for ADHD, including parent and teacher Child Behavior Checklists (CBCL), continuous performance tests, and executive functioning tests, with the exception of the “nervous/overactive” subscale of the CBCL. Improvement with desipramine was always superior to that rated with plus MPH significantly improved hyperactivity/impulsive symptoms of ADHD observed on ADHD Conners abbreviated symptoms questionnaire for teachers (ASQ). CLONIDINE - ORAL Catapres side effects, medical uses, and drug. prednisolone what is it for Clonidine - Wikipedia CLONIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE Drug BNF content published by NICE
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